Town of Brooklin and Consolidated Communications Broadband Updates

(Updated 8/13/2019)

Consolidated worked closely with Brooklin’s town leaders to find an innovative broadband solution for the community. The town explored a number of options over the years to improve broadband access and services for the community, but most were beyond taxpayer’s means. Brooklin ultimately choose the approach that best fits not only its present needs, but one that helps plan for the future.

When the project is completed, Consolidated will offer broadband internet access to all residential and business premises in the town. The network speeds available will be no less than 10Mpbs/1Mpbs per customer location. More than 80% of the locations will have access to download speeds of 20Mpbs or greater. Additionally, more than 35% of the households in Brooklin will have access to speeds from 40Mpbs download/10Mbps upload to 100Mpbs download/40Mbps upload.

If a Brooklin resident calls Consolidated customer service, you will be told:

  • The project is underway and will be completed in the first quarter of 2020.

  • At this point, we do not have information about the level of service (bandwidth/speed) that will be available at the customer’s location when the project is complete.

  • We will notify the residents when the project is done by mailing information to their location and also updates will be posted to the town’s website during the construction phase.

  • We encourage you to monitor the town’s website for updates and information about the project.

  • We appreciate your patience while Consolidated crews work to complete the upgrades in Brooklin.