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Maine’s Unclaimed Property Program.

Important Message from Maine State Treasurer, Terry Hayes

February 22, 2016
Dear Town Official:

One of my duties as your State Treasurer is to manage Maine's Unclaimed Property program. Every year, tens of millions of dollars are turned over to the state when account owners cannot be located. Unclaimed property consists of bank accounts, uncashed checks, life insurance proceeds, and other financial properties.

Last fiscal year, properties worth over $25 Million were turned over to my office. This brings the total to $225 Million that has accumulated since the Unclaimed Property program began. I need your help in returning this money to the rightful owners.

As local officials, you know your communities better than most. You will likely know many of the people on the list for your town and potentially their whereabouts. Any help you can give in notifying these individuals will be appreciated – by me and by them!

Additionally, there are several ways you can help publicize the list. In communities that hold town meetings, I encourage you to make your town's list available at the meeting so attendees can search for themselves, their family and friends. You could do this by providing a paper copy or by providing a computer with internet access to search our website directly. And finally, making the list available during public hours at the town office will provide a year-round opportunity for residents to search for their names and properties.

The best way to obtain your town-specific list is to contact my office at Also, be sure to check the unclaimed property list, Maine Unclaimed Property Search, for yourself as well as for family and friends.

Thank you for your help. Working together we can return this $225+ Million to families in your community and across Maine.

Terry Hayes
State Treasurer

Please direct inquiries to:

Gregory Olson
Assistant Director of Internal Operations
Office of the State Treasurer
39 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0039
(207) 624-7479

Hancock County Planning Commission:

The above link is on the Hancock County Planning Commission’s website and includes:

  • Brooklin Comprehensive Plan
  • Peninsula Tomorrow Reports
  • Shoreland Zoning Ordinance
  • 2000 Census Summary
  • Proposed Shoreland Zoning
  • Current Land Use
  • Future Land Use
  • Marine Resources
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  • Critical Natural Areas
  • Town Owned Properties
  • Village Aerial Photograph
  • Bicycle Pedestrian Plan
  • School Travel Plan
  • Maps
  • Community Bicycle Pedestrian Plan